Friday, August 5, 2011

5th Week at Camp: Native Americans

This was another busy week! Between summer school and summer camp and crazy therapies I barely have time to breathe! I'm happy about this, though. I never imagined I could do so much! There's nothing like the simple things in life... This week at the camp was sponsored by my godfather. I know I can always count on you, Uncle Sti! This week's theme was Native Americans Heritage. I learned a lot!

Monday began as a hectic day. NurseMashaela was sick, and everything ran late. At least my personal slaves pulled through and so I was ready for my class and for camp. At camp, this was supposed to be American Heritage or American History but in the end it was changed to Native American week. We started out dealing with clay... to make a pot... Ugh! Gosh, why me? I absolutely hated dealing with the clay. My hands got all reddish, my clothing got clay dust on it, even my neck pillow got clay! And the smell... Yup, I could smell it. No, I did not enjoy playing with clay. It is worst than play dough! While the kids napped I saw that the assistants were cutting out shapes from white sheets of paper... but I fell asleep to wake up and have a walk in the garden. Monday was a cozy, quiet day.

Tuesday was a galactic day. My school teacher brought some books and some videos about the Universe! That was so exciting! I love anything that has to do with the stars and with galaxies! He showed me this big book about the planets... I could not get enough of it. In the afternoon, I went to the Planetarium and guess what? The movie was about two kids exploring the planets! What a treat! I recalled everything Mr.Farina had said in the morning. Yes, it was all true. I went out of the Planetarium trying to figure out just how I could get int space. Mommy told me that now there are no more flights at least for a while... Ah! Maybe I can study hard and become an astronaut, and then I would go to space as I re-open the American space quest! We boricuas make the impossible a possibility. After the planets, we went for a short walk into the gallery. We went to the Native American gallery and explored their ceremonial clothing and many pots.

On Wedmesday my teacher brought another book, this one explaining everything about stars and galaxies. Now I know what is a black hole and small white dwarves, and I am very certain I know how the big dipper looks! And NurseMashaela came back! She was sick the past two days. I'm glad she's better. I missed her silliness. In the afternoon I went to camp but I could not stay. Two kids were very sick and I had to go home, just in case. I did not get sad, I used that time to have a very nice nap!

Thursday started out with my Speech Therapist early in the morning. He is very silly! This time he wanted me to make funny faces... Well, actually we made some faces that sent him messages about what I wanted to do and how I felt. I can tell anyone yes or no, but now I know I can say whatever and I don't know, and make a very important command: "Turn the page"! Well, it is important to me anyway... I love books, so... yes... this is very important! Anyway, back at the museum we try rehearsing the play for the end of the week, and we did some weaving with paper. I made a nice weaved rug with colorful pieces that my friend Marguerite gave me. It was difficult to cut the main big piece, but Mommy helped me and together we conquered the paper monster! I liked the outcome. We went to nap, and since I didn't felt like painting my pot or creating my tipee I had to take them home. At night, I did some stamping on my tipee and then Mommy helped me to paint some Native American images. I painted the pot red, so it would dry. I went to sleep with images of good glyphs on my head!

Today, I had a fun speech therapy session in the morning. Oddly enough, my therapist brought over a talking toy with details about... the planets! Coincidence? This has been a far-out week! My PT brought over a guy that measured me. Now they will try to keep fighting for a headrest and a stroller... and then for an appropriate wheelchair. He suggested the Solara... Hmm, talking about planets and me... In the afternoon there was no "serious" show so I went straight to my museum classroom. We all got our faces painted, and went on to the show! My group performed a Rattlesnake Dance. We spinned round and round and made sounds with maracas and jingles. That was so much fun! Each time I love the stage even more. From here to Hollywood!

Here's the video for this week's performance. Enjoy!

GOD: Thank you for allowing me to do so many things all these weeks. I know I am fragile, but I fear nothing as I walk under your shadow. Thank you for keeping me safe, and for allowing my new friends to heal fast! Please help everyone that needs You, as there is nothing impossible for you. This week I pray to you for the fast recovery of Kimmi... Help her, as you have helped me. May she be surrounded by love at all times, and may angels guard her always. Amen.

AUGUST is SMA AWARENESS MONTH! So, I got home and then realized that it was time to make a stand! And so I did!


This month is SMA Awareness Month. And for today, and every Friday of the month, I will stand with so many others for the SMA cause! Here I am, standing just as I arrived from my play. SMA is serious business. It is a killer that can touch any family. Join so many families to battle SMA by sharing awareness and helping to fund this cause. SMA is the #1 killer of babies, and is the reason why I cannot walk, sit, swallow, lift my limbs or hold my head. SMA creates massive muscle weakness, it is degenerative and it has no cure. I am an exception. I have beat the odds and doctor's predictions... But still, I need a cure.

I want to sit. I want to jump. I want to run. I want to talk. I want to breathe on my own. Help me beat SMA!

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