Saturday, August 13, 2011

6th Week at Camp: Egypt

Well, this was the "last day of" week for my Summer schedule. First, this was my last week of Summer School. I got really upset at that, but I know that my favorite teacher will be back for the next school session that begins on September 6th. Then, it was my last week of Camp at the Newark Museum. This week the focus was on Egypt. Little did I knew that a small celebration was brewed in my honor! Oh, but I will say the details below. Right now, I just want to thank my Godfather, who sponsored this last week at camp. My camp weekly video is at the end, as usual.

Monday began as a lazy day that went on being fast and chaotic. I had my morning class, I went to camp, and I was overall in a good mood. My school teacher was proud of me as I paid attention to everything he showed me. At camp I learned what Egypt is, and I painted two pots (later on they will become an Egyptian jar). The kids were all rambunctious... What to do with the boys? I was thinking of tying them up as mommies... it is Egypt week after all... In the end I was so surprised that they actually went to sleep very exhausted! I was just glad I could finally take a nap.

On Tuesday my morning class went on swiftly... I heard the rumor that classes are coming to an end... That made me upset. I cried some, but then I was rushed to the museum so I could go to the Planetarium show. Well, at least that definitively put me in a good mood. I saw this show some weeks ago, Magic Sky, and I was eager to revisit everything I learned. Mr.Moon is so silly! Then we went into the Egyptian gallery and saw a mummy's sarcophagus and some jewelry, pictures, and statues. Mommy was in heaven, she loves anything Egyptian!

Wednesday was my last day of Summer School. During the morning Mr. Farina came in with a surprise! Since he cannot come next week to celebrate my birthday, he brought in a cupcake with a candle, and two big balloons! I loved the balloons! And I loved when he sang along with Mommy and NurseMashaela! All this attention is awesome! But then the news came in that he would not be around until next school session in Fall. I was so upset! What! Fall! That is so far away! Mommy tried to convince me that it's just two weeks... but I still think that it is just too much time. I miss my teacher already! In the afternoon I could not go to the Museum... Since the car broke down, it was being repaired. The suspense of what will happen was killing me! Imagine, I already knew I was an important character in the camp's play, I could not miss the performance! I managed to take a long nap in the afternoon, and when I woke up Mommy told me the good news: The car was repaired and ready to roll next day. I just know that at night I kept waking up with nightmares... maybe because of all the stress about the car and my teacher... Mommy calmed me down and slept with me for the night.

On Thursday I woke up late, everything was done late... My speech therapist arrived but had to wait until I was ready. Then I was in no mood to do anything... Hey, I had a bad night and then waking up early after so much missed sleep was not easy at all! At least I got to watch Lion King, which lifted my spirits. Then I got ready for camp. There was a group photo session when I arrived, and as they took the picture of me with everyone they all screamed Happy Birthday! Wow! That got my attention! I felt so happy! I even actually looked at the camera, "smizing" as hard as I could. After that, we went to the Auditorium to practice the play... it was hilarious. What to do with the kids... We girls do what we should, but boys will be boys... They kept running and chasing each other and not paying attention. I admit it is funny to watch, but I get worried... after all, I want it all to be perfect! When rehearsal ended we went up to the classroom. I finished painting my scarab and then had a small nap. When I woke up daddy made sure I had my food, and everyone got ready for snack and going home. I had to complete three projects: I had to paint my name in Egyptian, I had to do the head of the body-parts jar, and I had to help Mommy do my Isis tiara. As the song says, two out of three ain't bad... I painted the name ovals in purple and stamped my name on them. I also painted the animal head of the jar (Mommy did the head with clay, I am NOT touching that icky stuff again!). I fell asleep, so Mommy took care of my tiara. She followed my diva wishes: Sparkle, sparkle and more sparkle!

On Friday I arrived to the classroom and my peers were preparing for the play. The light was really bothering me, so Mommy put a hat on my face so I could calm down. She was also assaulted by the kids to paint their faces. It was a good thing that she remembered she still had the black makeup crayon... Everyone got Egyptian eyes! We got dressed up and ready to go! We went down to the Auditorium and it all began! We started the show as usual, and when our part ended... Oh, my! The kids had put together a birthday surprise for me! I looked around and saw them coming towards me bearing gifts, cards, and singing along with everyone in the theater! I felt so overwhelmed, and happy! I had no idea they would do that! Mommy came to me so she could let them know how I felt... Happy, of course! Duh! The show went on and at the end, the weekly slideshow was dedicated to me! Wow! They went to so much trouble to make me feel special, I was floored with so much love. When the slideshow was over we went to the special floor to break a piñata that was filled with goodies. And so was the end of it all. Here's the video for this week:

Many people wished me health and many birthdays to come! And saying goodbye was hard... I will miss Mrs.Melody and her art crafts, especially her creative hats! And I will definitively miss Elena, the twins, and Ronald. Each week one different kid joined us, and our class had no dull moments! I'll make sure I learn my planets and most stars, I plan to keep visiting the Planetarium through the year (that was my favorite activity, I enjoy stargazing so much!).

This ends my weekly summary about the camp and what I did there. These past 6 weeks have been the most amazing weeks of my life. I honestly did not thought I would be able to go somewhere and do what other kids do... Everyday I was reminded of how special and kind people can be, and how much I actually impact those around me. Everywhere I go I try to make people understand that I get things, that I really want to experience life, that I can do anything I set my mind into. Doing all this crafts with my own hands and learning about so many different cultures was fun... I feel I traveled the world! And I really hope I can do this again, next year. I made some friends and I want to keep seeing them! May God grant me that blessing as well.

So, I will be 4 years old in 4 days... I am so happy that many blessings keep coming into my life! I keep growing, and I keep amazing people. Most importantly, I keep being an instrument of God... So He works through me. And I would not have it any other way.


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