Saturday, August 20, 2011


This has been my birthday bash celebration week! I've been loving it! I do have to mention that the whole camp thing was a big birthday present. Besides that, the awesomeness of this week began on Monday with the arrival of my Godfather Steve! It's been 3 years since he last saw me in person, and that last time was not pretty (it was in the hospital back at home in Puerto Rico). Imagine his surprise when he saw how big I am! It's been fun having him around. He talks a lot, though... Would you let my nurses work? Sheesh!

Mommy worked on painting some Veggie Tales pirate decorations Monday and Tuesday, and almost had a heart attack when NurseInna made one fall into the floor with her gust-of-wind powers. That was hilarious (well, not for Mommy, but for us). I just know we had lots of laughs on Tuesday with the improvised pre-birthday gathering that was quite a happening. NurseInna came in to visit, brought Tiramisu cake for the local adults and two cute calm framed photographs she took herself. Our "green" acquaintances dropped by by mistake (also hilarious)... It was a full house so suddenly! Then the door kept ringing with people asking questions. It was all amusing.

Anyway, here are the decorations outcomes:

Here are Captain Sweetpea, Princess Laura and Larry, the Legendary Cucumber!

Here is a Pirate that don't do anything, Jr Asparagus, King Bob and Queen Blueberry!

A full size shot of the whole decor... These were big ones! Awesome!

The big day arrived on Wednesday 17th! I was ready and perfect with my colorful hairdo (thanks to Mashaela and her friend Peanut!). I stood in my stand, and rolled into the living room! This year the theme was Veggie Tales Pirates Who Don't Do Anything and a Princess. The top 10 countdown ran with its music for various times. I did not mind, I love the silly songs! The living room was filled with balloons with eyes (I'm guessing veggie people) and two murals with my main Veggie Tales friends.

The cake was so pretty! It was in purple, blue, pink and yellow with lemon filling. It had big flowers that were delicious! I got a little concerned when it's candles were lit as it looked like a small fire hazard... but I knew Mommy & Daddy would not let anything bad happen to me so I tried to relax.

My two grannies and my great-grannie were here through the phone, and so the candles were lit and I heard everyone singing the birthday song for me! I loved it! I made a big wish, but I'm not telling what it is... like Cinderella says, if you tell your wish/dream then it won't come true. I really want mine to happen!

After the cake there were presents. I absolutely loved turtle Tuck! I have my own pet! Feeling him in my hand was... weird... and wet... but I love him anyway. I hope he gets to grow big and bold. I also got some movies about animals, a planetary system craft project, a flower pot, and of course books about animals and their habitats! I also have a new scrapbook so I can put inside it all of my first preK projects so they do not get lost or damaged (I'll make Mr.Farina proud!).

I'm so happy I got so many good wishes from so many people! This was a very special birthday, each day I feel I am surrounded with much more love!

Now I have a few projects to complete before classes begin... I hope my Godfather can help me complete some. I'm definitively getting the crafty bug! I'm making a pirate ship with Mommy's help, but that's not done yet... I need some rest, after all I had quite a Summer!

Here's the video of our celebration:

Wish from Lynette:Viva la Deeva!!!

"Hey Deedee, it's a little after midnight and you have just turned four. That's an awesome number. You've earned your ranks among the big kids now. I remember not so long ago, we were all praying hard for you to make it to one and then two and then three. Each celebration though happy, was met with a little apprehension. Until one day we started realizing that God had a great and wise design and he meant for you to live life to the fullest and for us, who have been blesssed to meet you, to have the rare opportunity to witness a miracle.

As I said before, you have barely crossed the treshold from baby world to big kids and yet you have touched so many, earned love and respect, all while building excellent reputation as a big sister...believe me that is quite the responsibility!!!

Hmmm... since four is a magic number, we might as well make something of it. Somewhere I think I read that really cool kids actually get four wishes... so wish away sweetheart and surprise us with all you'll grow up to be."

Wishes from Angela & Heather:


Thank you for allowing me to be happy and surrounded by love. I have much to praise you for... and much to give thanks for. You know my heart of hearts, and how grateful I am for the change You gave me to live. Help me do the best with all the talents I have, help me make a difference in each person that one way or another reaches me. Help me be an instrument of your love and peace. Grant me many years to come, and the courage and strength to face any challenge and prove that nothing is impossible as long as You bless me with your presence. Hold me tight in your arms, and protect all of those who need you. Amen.

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