Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's a BIG MAC! It's a BIG MAC!!!!

It’s a Big Mac! It’s a Big Mac! LOL Ok… I would have preferred the allegory to be with a Whopper, but hey… Whatever. So, finally the girl decided to show that yes, indeed, it’s a GIRL!!! So, world… meet Deirdre Valeria, at least hear about her and meet her soon.

The doctor says that he expected to have me hospitalized various times, since that is the norm for diabetics, but that so far I have controlled things pretty well. Test results are coming up within the controlled range, and he’s very happy about it. Well, all the veggies, milk, and Cheerios I’ve been digging in seem to be working well enough! Yeah… going to ElMesón and asking for a non-grilled surfer and water is not much fun… but there are results. As long as I can stay away from the hospital, all is worth it.

So… Doctor’s appointment was a treat. The mage was really happy, as his constant efforts taking food away from my mouth are getting great results… And Neverland seems a happier place after all.

The Baby Shower committee seems to be pondering and thinking things, Coriolis, Raven and LightShadow are on the prowl. They will get the needful lists they need soon enough. I made an online baby registry in Babies-R-Us. Will complete one soon at the online Walmart store, and at Capri in Aguadilla Mall and Mayaguez Mall (that one is available 15 days before the baby shower, and will be set up for needful everyday things as lotions, diapers, clothing, and other little thinguies). (Diapers hint: A bulk box at Sams has newborn 92 and stage 1 92 for $25, so I suggest whoever wants to give diapers to buy it there… it will give lots of them and it’s a good deal).

So… That’s the news for now. Keep tuned, as usual.


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