Thursday, May 3, 2007

Recap on the date

The doctor’s appointment was funny. We arrived, we only waited for around half an hour and fast enough we were inside the doctor’s office. He was asking the mandatory questions, and it was simply hilarious how the mage ended up sitting down and being asked to shut up. LOL I laughed a lot. As the sonogram was done and the doc was explaining each part of the fetus to the mage it has funny watching the jumping images as I couldn’t help but laugh at the whole thing… Yup, the baby has the mage’s nose, so it’s definitively his… LMFAO! Once again, no sign of which sex it is, but a small higher chance that it’s a girl (54%). I would just love to have a girl to spook people with the name… Deirdre. Even the mage is not so thrilled about the name because he says he has trouble saying it. He even dared to make up Didi as a nickname, and there I draw the line… no allegories to Dexter’s annoying sister Deedee. Hmph!

Anyway… Went to the WIC food place at San Germán. What a difference! Everything air conditioned, well painted, clean, and even a playing area… not the rathole you see in my hometown. I wish I had bought a house in San Germán, it is a city that I love so much… At least the odds are that I will give birth at La Concepción hospital, I don’t think that the doctor will actually go to Perea… LOL Haven’t asked about that or the courses… Gotta make a point of that for next date…

Went to the furniture place where I had seen the small cradle, or as we call it in criolle “moisés”. I was warned against the plastic ones, but this one was not plastic but wicker. Very simple, and I think it is perfect because of the space limitations that I have right now. Dressing it up should be fun, and the fact that it has wheels is priceless. Hope that the mage can make it in time so he gets it today… if not, then I hope they haven’t sold it by Saturday (fingers crossed).

Traveling through memory lane, the mage discovered the only prissiness I may have to show the world. Yes, I am a Hello Kitty freak. Actually, if the baby turns out to be a girl, the decoration will probably lean that way. I was raised within a Hello Kitty world, the red version. And it was from early stages through high school… and even after college I occasionally get something Hello Kitty related (like my favorite pj’s). But, who knows. Kitty makes sense to me for many things, but I know those items are expensive… same as Emily Strange… for gothic cuteness… I may end up with something like a shrine to Sesame St’s Count… LOL And to close the cuteness factor, I am also a sucker for the Muppet Show… a whole room decorated with the Muppets would rule! Plus, Muppets are sexless… in decór mode, you know… And although the mage ain’t so thrilled about it, I love rubber duckies (especially the red ones with horns, and the black ones)… “Rubber ducky, you’re the one”.

Raven was mentioning something about doing a Baby Shower. I did not really thought about that, and although the idea sounds fun I don’t think I will have a budget to actually throw a small party for that purpose. Also, Baby Showers are usually a surprise gathering offered to parents-to-be… so I don’t know why should I be thinking of it… Maybe she should team up with Coriolis and create something… Let’s see, guys… Surprise me if you can. I dare you!
Hmm… as a matter of fact, they still owe us a bachellor’s/bachelorette thinguie. SHAME ON YOU GUYS! Tsk! Tsk!

So… Butterfly Effect keeps on, still feeling tired and crappy… Hot flashes or something not letting me catch z’s because it is simply too hot! Feeling like doing nothing… Feeling like watching the night sky, staring at it endlessly…


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