Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bliss and bumps... The excitement never stops...

DeeVa has been behaving pretty ok… Sleeping her mandatory hours, being wide awake and quite interested on Everybody Loves Raymond and anything Tyra… Seems she really likes when I get home, as it is when she starts bothering her many being a pain to feed… until I pick her up, take her to the room, get in the couch and give her her fake milk. Yay! She also likes to fuzz like that with her daddy… Ok, so I guess I am more entertaining and comfy for feeding her, but damn… It can get tiresome.

She seems to be doing fine with the mommyslave working as well as daddyslave… Just 4 hours with her many is no big deal, specially since afternoons are mainly for her to sleep. Seems that routine will be me arriving, bathing her, taking a shower, eating, feeding her and putting her to nap in the bed while I also nap until the Mage arrives… then he takes her to her cradle… We sleep… She wakes up at 1am for her next feeding, and then at 5am for the early bird special feeding. Good, it is constant, she falls in place and is not neglected… The bad: Not sleeping my 9 hours… very much needed to function properly. I am barely getting 7 hours of sleep, the mage between 5 to 7. Not good at all… I don’t think that can last too long before one of us gets sick… (sight) For now, nothing else we can actually do…

One thing that is worrying me is a bump that DeeVa has grown on her right side of the chest. It seems hard to the touch, and runs for all her torso, making it look a bit ackward. Seems it hurts as each time we burp her she wails as if something pinches her. Her drooling is more than a lot, and she has been choking on it. We are constantly watching her because of that. In case something may be wrong gotta take her to the ped this week. Next week is her vaccine shot for 4 months, but I don’t think we should wait any longer. Hopefully it would be nothing of big concern.

Just 13 more days until Xmas!


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