Monday, December 17, 2007

Ped, shots, fever & social call

Today is DeeVa’s 4th month. She looks sassy and happy and demands food like a pro. She’s grown 2 more inches… and weights 14.7 pounds… Sheesh! Yeah, the little monster gets bigger by the second! On Friday she went to see the ped, and so far she’s fine, not sick, interested in music and other sounds, food, sleep and some attention. The milestones not bein reached in terms of her legs moving/kicking and her neck not being raised at least 45 degrees are the only concerns we have. So the ped gave us a neurologist referral so we check out if she has any developmental skills problems. So far I think she’s just too heavy because she is too big… She tries moving her knees if you hold her legs up, and she definitively moves feet and fingers. Got that date on January 25th… Let’s see if she has any change by then.

The ped also checked the raised right side of her chest. Says it is a normal deformity on babies that should go away in time, that it is not affecting anything else. Her drooling/choking is normal too… Gee, how nice. She’s very alert and healthy. So, since there was nothing else, he gave her the 4th month vaccine shots. This time she had a reaction, having fever all night long and then some on Saturday. But her eating/sleeping schedules were not affected. Nothing can affect FOOD!

Her busy social life keeps going. This Sunday she dressed up for her cousin’s baptism. It was a nice ceremony at Sunday mass in San Benito, and afterwards a small celebration on her cousin’s house would follow… But first DeeVa wanted to make sure her Godfather was well fed so he could withstand starvation that he would face at a hospital… Yup, he had to be hospitalized maybe for the next 2 to 3 weeks… DeeVa was sad about it, her Godfather is nanny, entertaining center and plaything. After taking a pic and delivering him to his hotel, she went on to see her cousin… No better way to cope with sadness than with FOOD…. So, DeeVa was chatty, happily ate her fake milk and kept on mingling with auntie and cousin, until it got dark and Mommyslave had to go home... She was beat!

This morning DeeVa woke up as soon as Mommyslave did… She had to make sure that the last thing MommySlave did was feeding her. Sheesh! The demands never stop! I guess she should be happier than last week, she’ll get one of her favorite slaves early in the afternoon for one more week…

Soooooo this is Xmas…

Oh, Dear!


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