Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Yes, it's a bit late, but things have been hectic. Nevertheless, here's part of what happenned in Thanksgiving... So the Annals of Little DeeVa keep on being complete...

The day began, and DeeVa was quite eager... looking forward to some turkey and some very much deserved attention... Even a very rare event happenned! She smiled! And yes, she looks like a SouthPark character, thank-u-very-much!

The morning "floated away" and DeeVa grew very impatient... So impatient that she decided that since guests were not arriving on time, she would just take a nap. There. She even thought of banning the turkey for them. Defilers! Infidels! Breakers of the old tradition of watching the Macy's Parade! Sheesh!

Early afternoon... MommySlave had to go with DaddySlave to pick-up AuntieDearest who was stranded in her house. Before they took off, GrannyMillie arrived with her two female siblins so they took care of me while my ParentsSlaves were missing in action... After more than an hour, they FINALLY arrived. AuntieDearest attacked the turkey without a second thought. She came prepared with an electric knife and sharpenned teeth! Granny and the sibblings took all the food upstairs, so it could all be nuked in the microwave oven... Yup, no normal oven in this house... MommySlave is an anti-cooking chick! So... Food was nuked, sorted and given away! All the while... DeeVa slept. When the food session was over around late afternoon, Granny and her sibblins decided to go home. It was then that MommySlave FINALLY had the brilliant idea of taking family pictures for her friggin scrapbook... Damn, she is obssessed! So... Here's the outcome... As you can see, someone still has letting-go issues...

And to make things oh-so-exciting, MommySlave suggested that we all changed possitions! Woah! DeeVa was ecstatic with joy! And so everyone else it seems... At least this time everyone looked at the camera!

So... Granny and sibblings were gone and STILL MommySlave wanted more pictures... That flash was starting to REALLY annoy DeeVa! But she knows, she has to get used to it, after all she is a DeeVa! Anyway... Here's a lovely family trio... Tadaa!

Then MommySlave wanted a pic with my Godfather. Gee, he's always pouring joy at all time! Somehow he looks looney... Well, ain't we all... Gomez?

DeeVa was taken to the room so she could FINALLY have her Turkey Day dinner. Gee, they almost forgot that she existed! The service in this house really sucks! Oh, well... At least the change of diaper was fast and the fake milk quite nourishing.

And as the milk flowed into DeeVa's lungs, DaddySlave began his psycho practice of weird picture shooting... He even scared MommySlave!

As all this insanity happenned above, AuntieDearest waited in the floor below so somebody (ANYBODY)would take her home... Once again ParentsSlaves ran away, and this time the Godfather was left taking care of the DeeVa... "Oh, Dear!" (But wait! He cracked a smile! OH DEAR! Indeed!)

DeeVa seated down (not on her own) and shared a cup of tea with the Godfather while waiting for her ParentsSlaves arrival... Actually, she was yawning because she still wanted more food, DUH...

And so, the night crept upon us all... Parents arrived, Godfather floated away, and DeeVa got ready for her night sleep... At least one of many... (She sleeps 3 times during the night... Lovely...)

And that was how our family celebrated Thanksgiving this year... Actually, it is the first and only Thanksgiving together, so hopefully we will be able to establish a sort-of-tradition even if it is just to dig in... Ah! The universal language of FOOD!


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