Thursday, March 19, 2009


These have been some busy stressful long days! We hope that now that Spring is finally here, the climate gets a bit warmer and baby stops feeling so sick. Deedee has many appointments ahead of her: She needs to see DrBach, then go to Children's Specialized for an appointment with the pediatrician and another one with the physician.

Everything else must be figured out: Welfare, housing, jobs... Everything was put on hold for a whole month and now it all greeted us at the same time. The long days are not over, that much we know. But as long as Deeva gets better and stabilizes and gets back to her routine, then things can move in a positive way. She is the center of it all and she knows it. It's a long process... But we keep hope that things will get better. It all is in God's hands.

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