Thursday, March 19, 2009


Deeva has been stable, keeping her HR a bit high but her O2 at 94-96. Seems something is causing pain, and it all points out the teething of the upper teeth. That may be contributing to the high heart rate. Besides that, now venting needs to be done each time she gets a feed. Maybe it has to do with the extra fast feature in the hospital... she is used to 135/hr and they give her 200/hr... Maybe it is due to air going to the stomach instead of lungs while coughalating... Too many maybes. At least venting solves the "being bloaded" factor. Secretions are under control, the difference now is that the plugs are like "chicklets", meaning that they are thick and sticky and big. Her lungs are clean, so everything is upper respiratory... Secretions are getting stuck in the back of the throat becoming that big blog that causes the out of the blue drops. By now, the intense sessions of suction, postural drainage and coughing has been working and her dropping numbers are not going far in sudden jumps, but they are staying in the 80s at least. after treatment, Deeva returns to the 94-95.

So, Wednesday at midday we got the news that we were going home. YAY, again! Deeva got all dressed up and ready to go. The guys from Lifeline were surprised when they arrived. "What happened?" What always happens... well... Being stuck in a recurring re-run. Not funny. At least Deeva seemed to comply with the idea and was in good humor the whole day. Seems she is finally tired of the hotel... erm... hospital... and finally acknowledged that there is no place like home. Seems that her lungs were not ready to work on their own and that's why they gave trouble ( RSV and 2 pneumonias in a row can be very taxing). Seems she needed the attention and the break. Seems now she feels she can go home, and work it!

We arrived by mid afternoon, daddy helped carry baby to her crib, and we get to the realization that "Wow... She is outgrowing the crib!". Yes, seems each time we get out of the hospital the crib and clothing are smaller... Well, Deeva enjoyed some Lion King and WonderPets, she got her night treatment and feeds, and went to sleep. All in all she has remained stable. Gave some triuble after treatment, staying beeping at 92, but after a while went up to 96. So far, the night has passed without mayor crisis. Amen.

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