Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Wow! That last hospital stay left we so tired! I needed time to gather strength and go back to my divalicious self... But that's done. With mommy and daddy and NurseMicheila, I am ready to take over the world!

Last week had my first appointment with the new pediatrician at Children's Specialized. Wow! I was blown away! Everyone is nice and courteous and smiles! And the facilities are so neat and clean yet so bright and cool! I liked that place. I felt like a queen! I was checked up by DrVelickovic, and she was very careful to get all details about me. She prescribed visiting the SMA Center at NY, and seems that they have plenty of experience dealing with DrBach's ways. The emphasis on TEAMWORK is a true blessing!

Today I had my first appointment at Children's Specialized too with their physician, DrArmento. His crew and himself were great as well. At all times they show great concern and true caring. I will get a hip x-ray in April so I can finally get a stander. He also prescribed a small change in my AFO's as they are getting a bit tight. I was very pleased with the service. Finally, doctors I look forward to see and deal with! Who knew?

The transportation team has also been cracking us all up. By now, they always remember me and all my specific needs, and they are happier and talkative by the minute. It is great that we are getting service with people that are actually caring. It makes everything easier, and takes some stress off mommy and daddy. If they are happy, I am happy. You know how it goes...

NurseMicheila didn't bail on us, and each day surprises me with new things. Now she's emphasizing those funny flash cards... What's with everyone? Baby Einstein, colors, shapes, now flash cards... What's next? A laptop? Geesh! People: I'm a baby! Ok, technically a young toddler, but a baby nevertheless. So, come on! More Wonderpets wont hurt. Ok?

I know, I know... Things have been easier on me since the hospital thinguie... But now this week begins my daily routine in full throttle! Gotta shape up, shape back, get my finger-muscles moving! Gotta become a clicker expert! Gotta play those toys like there's no tomorrow, and learn those shapes and colors, and surprise everyone with my first word! So much to do! So, yes... All therapies will start again from today. I'll finally get my hair washed, and will say hello to the tub, the bathing chair, and floating Ariel. It's been two months!

So, many hugs and kisses to Sti and Maria... I miss you guys! And to Auntie and Grannies. I keep hope that I will be home soon. We all want to be home soon... There is no place like home.

God: Thank you for granting me health. Thank you for allowing me to bring a smile in everyone around me. Let me be an instrument of Your might. Let me bring hope to all of those who need hope, let me testify Your goodness, Your beauty, Your blissful love. Thank you for constantly bringing miracles into my life, for making me part of Your BIG plan every second. My life is in Your hands, always. Thank you for granting me people around me who love me so much, people who know me, and so many that don't but that help me and show me love anyway. Please grant healing and peace to all who need it, grant courage and strength to so many parents dealing with SMA and with other rare or fatal illnesses... Show them the way. Cover us with Your warmth, protect us, be with us always. Amen.

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