Sunday, March 8, 2009


The bronchoscopy on Friday went well. The airway and lungs are quite swollen. Inside, the lungs had many secretions stuck everywhere, so the pulmonologist washed the lungs with saline injections and then cleaned up taking away stubborn big pieces that wouldn't let go. Steroid and nebulizer, then the wait to see how things turned out. Some secretions were yellowish, so she must have some infection. She was out for a while, and is intubated. Two hours after everything she started to react, and we stopped holding our breaths. She looked in pain and very uncomfortable. She got Tylenol, and suction, and soon she went back to sleep while listening to her favorite music. The night went on without much commotion. Deedee's getting Pulmozine, Pulmocort and Albuterol. At night she had a slight fever, so she was started on antibiotic too.

On Saturday she got up quite early in the morning (5am). She looked much better. Didn't show signs of being in pain and didn't fuss much while being bathed. Refreshed, she just went on watching Fantasia and Wonderpets, and fall asleep by midday. During the afternoon she woke up in time to see Daddy arriving. So Daddy went on to do the night shift, and reported no problems.

Sunday has been slow, baby has been stable and keeps on getting all her meds and nebulizers. So far, so good. She came back with steph, which the doctor found odd. The rest of the labs should be availbale tomorrow.

Baby is alert, very interested in her Wonderpets, stable and hovering between 95-97 of oxigenation and 130-150 heart rate. Slowly getting back to normal. Her secretions are clear, and she looks content. We hope this time they wait to extubate when she is completely off sticky secretions even if they are clear. So far, plenty of secretions keep flowing thanks to Friday's lavage. Xray showed a bit of improvement. We need more time for healing process to take more effect.

Thanks EVERYONE for so many good wishes sent our way, and for so much prayer. Friday was a very scary day, many things were at odds, and baby had been having things very rough. We strongly believe your prayers and good thoughts have made the difference. We know she feels it all. Her change in attitude was incredible. Our little girl is something out of the ordinary...

GOD: Keep watching over our little star, keep blessing her with your infinite Love. May she always feel the Love we all have for her so she knows she is never alone. May she heal so she come home soon. She is in your hands. Protect her, and work Your will through her... And through so many other kids that are also in your hands. Grant them all healing and happiness. Amen.

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Maria said...

Get well, baby! Blessings...