Sunday, March 29, 2009


Check my new place in the internet. Mommy designed it in her Dreamweaver class... I think it rocks! It even showcases my special song (created by Songs of Love's Steffani Bennett, who wrote the lyrics and sang the song): DEIRDREMEDINA.COM

This is so exciting! Mommy finished her classes and created two sites for me, one in Flash and one in Dreamweaver. My official site is the Dreamweaver one, but it will have a link to the Flash one as it has a cool animation of my alter ego, a little butterfly, fighting a big mean dragon (the SMA monster). Mommy hopes to create a cartoon about me, but that is a coming soon...

I am so happy about my song! The Songs Of Love organization believes that the best medicine is music. They are a charitable organization that provides personalized songs to children and young adults facing difficult medical challenges. Each song highlights the distinctive personality of each person. The finished product is incredible! Each song is unique, never duplicated, and they don't charge for their services, relying on donations.

Steffanni Bennet created and sang my very own song! Wow! It's almost as if she knew me so well! You can hear my song in my webpage. You'll LOVE it! My song, and ringtone, are available for download (requires a minimal donation, you will help the Songs of Love organization, and will see that it's worth it!). Go to their website, click on the "Family & Friends Song and Ringtone Download link (left side, circle of pictures), type Medina Rivera and the number 18280 in the child's record number field, and select what you want.

Besides this organization, I also want to thank my very own photographer, Natalya, for taking beautiful pictures of me. She is part of another program named "The Little Heroes project". She did a great photo session, and although I was very moody because of being teething, she managed to take beautiful, stylish pictures of me. Find Natalya's work in Zilotis Valentine Photography Website (NJ). Natalya is very sweet, and she shows much caring and love in what she do. Check me out in her site's gallery! Am I a Diva, or what! :)

This is what the Littlest Hero Project is about:

These two organizations have lifted my spirits, making me smile and spreading the word for hope. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

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