Friday, March 13, 2009


So... Baby has been sleeping a lot. She spent the night sleeping. Oxygenation hovering in the 90s but not staying put. At 3am we got a BIG nasty plug out of her, so maybe THAT was the main problem. We felt her warm in the morning, so she may be getting down with another bug... Gosh, come on! Yesterday she was home just for 3 hours! Three hours! And I had cleaned up EVERYTHING. This is so frustrating... We don't know what else to do, or think.

In the meanwhile... Deedee has spent the day resting. Luckily she has only been getting albuterol, mucomyst and her usual coughing/chest pt. Yesterday we feared she might get intubated again for her lack of keeping her stats, but since she kept the changes in the 90's she was just put in watch. We'll see how things change over the weekend...

BTW, it's a bit late for this (it was in March 11th), but HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREAT AUNTIE!!!!!! We all love you!!!!

Prayers keep going. Belief and hope is strong.


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