Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting Better

The very rough days are behind me... FINALLY! It has not been easy, but I am getting better. That is the trade-off of my SMA condition, any simple small cold takes two to three weeks to get off me. I was lucky that this was just that, a simple cold. I did not end up in the hospital thanks to my caregivers who by now know what to do and do everything fast and furiously!

Right now it is past midday and I am chillin' here in bed. I'm watching the BBC Planets series again (I watched all episodes last week and I loved it). Right now the first episode is ending... I love the planets. I know this may sound so old school, but I would love to be an astronaut! Space: The Final Frontier!

Anyway... Being sick has been too rough. What really makes me mad is that I could not spend all the time I wanted to spend with my Godfather... I was looking forward to him reading me some stories... Hmm... Maybe he can do just that through video-conference! Just like the e-message I got from Santa Claus, he could read to me that way! I am such a high-tech geek already! Hahaha... That will have to do, but I hope he comes back soon. Face-mail is better than any other kind of mail.

I'm always with Kailan and Ming Ming, and Thinga hangs around ready for emotional support (or actually for supporting my bi-pap cables, Thinga and the doggie are very good and handy for that purpose). My way of escaping it all is through my beloved shows... Thank goodness for Wonder Pets, Kailan and the Veggie Tales! They make all these discomforts and treatments much more bearable.

I have not been able to read much or do any projects. The respiratory therapies leave me quite tired... so it's either watch a TV show, a movie, a documentary, or sleep. At least I am definitively feeling better, so it has been two nights in a row that I sleep mostly well (I get interrupted for respiratory care anyway, but I barely realize it as I am in deep sleep). That is definitively good news. Rest is mandatory for recovery.

And I better recover within the next four days! School should start next week, and I don't want to miss a thing! I'm looking forward to many projects and artistic creations. I am eager to apply all I learned through Summer and to learn much more! I'm crossing fingers so the cooties go away as fast as they came!

GOD: Thank you for taking care of me always, and for guiding my caregivers and doctors so I get well soon. I know I must have patience, and I know that I have to take each day one at a time. Protect me and all who are around me. Thank you for always providing for me. I cannot complain, You give me all that I need and You surround me with peace, and love. I ask you to take care of so many kids and families that right now are dealing with serious illnesses and situations... grant them all serenity, courage and wisdom. Carry us all in your arms. Amen!


R. Pellicier said...

I am happy to see Deedee is getting better. I send my love to all the family xoxo-roxy

R. Pellicier said...

I am very happy to see Deedee is getting better. I wish a speedy recovery. Sending my love to everyone-god bless. xoxox - roxy