Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mosaic Project Finished!

My godfather bought me a kit for doing a mosaic, but since I was sick I had not been able to tackle that project... until today! I actually began yesterday, but was too tired to go beyond just doing the body of the butterfly. Today I finished the butterfly, the snail, the bumblebee and the worm. Looks awesome, yay!

It was a bit hard to get the right angle so Mommy could help me maneuver my hands to catch all the little colored foam pieces... We mastered the art of mosaic! We applied glue dots on the specific areas, that was fairly easy. We tried using a tweezers to grasp the little squares but that was quite frustrating... In the end, we used a pencil. We would pat the eraser in a bit of glue, then "fish" the mosaic piece. Great idea! Painless, fast, and fun!

Here you can see the unfinished piece... the bad light doesn't help (I don't get how Mommy stands that yellowish light). See how it all started to take shape? I confess I was skeptic, but the background music helped me concentrate on the task before me. Mommy was surprised at how I was paying attention. Of course I peaked every now and then to see if the TV would play a show I like... but I did focus on the project and I was eager to finish it completely.

So... Here's the final outcome. After doing this craft, Daddy took me back to my bed and Mommy placed my art work in an orange background. It really pops! I love bright colors! And I definitively love how this turned out.

I'm still waiting for my classes to begin. At least I know my teacher will be back... I just don't know when. My SLP called and should be back by the end of the month. My PT will also be back, and a new OT will begin somewhere in time. I'm just glad I have some projects to complete... Now that I'm warming my engines, I should go on to do a sparkly sequin project that my Godfather also got for me. And then, to the big project: The Solar System! Mommy got me a Solar System for my birthday so I could paint it and hang it over my bed, but I was too sick to even bother looking at anything... I am glad I am back in action!

It's good I have things to take my mind off the stolen car event... No use on dwelling about the bad stuff, I know good stuff should happen to me especially if I keep on being positive. I may not get what I want, but I always get what I need. Amen to that!

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