Monday, September 12, 2011

My Car Was Stolen!

I had no idea of what was going on last night when Mommy and Daddy were going crazy making phone calls... Today I just heard the news as they were talking to my nurse... Our car, MY CAR, was stolen! It's incredible, unbelievable! The car was parked just in our designated parking, behind the apartment. No one saw anything... And mind you, I say it is my car because the reason my parents got it was to be able to take me out in selected safe rides.

They had bought the mini van, a white used 2000 Caravan, they got the U-Haul and a wheelchair carrier... Inside the van was my safety seat-belt ties which are expensive as they are special ties (I cannot be seated so I must travel laying down, these special ties go holding my body in place)... Also inside the van was my sister's stroller, my sister's car seat, two of her favorite toys and the brand new emergency battery charger. All the stuff inside ads up to $1,500. The van was $2,3000.

My parents had moved heaven and earth, saving a lot, to get the van and get it fixed so I could ride safely. It was my van by all means... I feel so bad I just want to cry. They just got the van 5 months ago, at the end of Spring. I went to the Museum's camp thanks to having it... This is so crazy! It was obvious the van belonged to someone with special needs... The handicap sign was in front, hanging from the mirror. The wheelchair carrier was on the back, joined to the U-haul. Everyone in the street saw us coming and going for 6 weeks... Everyone knew who I was. I feel so sad beyond words. So much sacrifice, and this happens!

My parents mentioned the car had no theft insurance as it was pricey, so it is all a loss. If the police find it, then we have to pay for a tow... money that we don't have. This is so messed up! How can people be so evil, specially in these days that so many natural disasters are going on and it is obvious we should be in the right mind of helping one another? I don't understand this... I really don't.

So... Now all that is left to do is see if the van turns up... But that is not likely. Who knows where it is...

God, I know things happen for a purpose... I don't understand why must we go through so many hardships in a row... but it is all in Your hands. I know You must have a bigger plan... I know in the end, good prevails. Keep blessing us with love and health, which is the most important thing of all. Amen.

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CureSMA4Stella said...

I just want to cry as I reread the news of this . . . just horrible and I'm so sorry this has happened. :( We send our prayers that it miraculously shows up without damage even!!! I too believe there is a greater plan but it's tough to hang in there sometimes. You guys are amazing! We send our love from Iowa!