Monday, September 26, 2011

I've Got A Van!

Wow! This is AMAZING! There are no other words to describe what happened today! There were many phone calls, I heard something about going out (and of course I thought "yeah, right")... And then I saw the WPIX van, and the Help Me Howard crew! Right here in our parking lot! And they were not alone, they came with our new friends from Bussani Mobility Team... They all surprised me with an adapted van!

I could not believe my eyes! Flashes from everything that we went through in our old van cluttered my head, but then I saw that someone was inside the van... And as he demonstrated how I could simply wheel my way down easily sliding out I almost screamed with joy! No more drama about the wheelchair being loose inside, or jumping in the back of the van in a carrier (true story when we were towed back at the Museum... we thought the window would not make it!). And no worrying about the snow! And the ramp... it is attached, and it is powered! I smized with my eyes as I saw a burgundy bundle of opportunities right there in front of me! All this for me! I mean, all this for my family! I see that what I read every night, about being kind and following the Golden Rule, and about the good things that happen after many hardships is true! Each day I am more humbled and more amazed with all the miracles that happen around me. All that, plus now I'm a local celebrity too!

Here's what happened, as it was broadcasted in the WPIX NY news at 5:00pm in the section Howard's Helpers. You can't miss me getting my van's keys!

So, even if I am at the beginning of carefully monitored outings and the soon to come mandatory lockdown that SMA kids get when Fall arrives and lasts until Spring decides to melt away the snow, I know that I will get to experience new adventures as I have not experienced them before. I just know that the Holidays are going to be even more special this year! All thanks to Mr. Bussani, and the good people that gave their time to help me... and my family. And of course, thanks to Howard!

And a note to God: You always go beyond and above for me. Thank you for taking care of things when my parental units reach the end of their rope. You are truly the friend that never fails.

"Do not withhold your mercy from me, O LORD; may your love and your truth always protect me."
Psalm 40:11

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