Sunday, September 18, 2011

Help Me Howard Spreading The Word!

Last Thursday was quite eventful! Howard Thompson, who has a segment on WPIX called Help Me Howard (and is quite a local celebrity) came to visit me! He interviewed Mommy and Daddy about my stolen van and about me. That was so cool! On Friday night I was the theme of his segment, and he asked his helpers to help me! Hopefully someone will be moved to do so. I'm happy that at least someone tried getting our voice out. It may be really hard to get another van... and even harder to equip it again with everything it had, but at least I feel my family didn't went down without a fight.

Here's Friday's segment:

Howard also wrote in his blog about it all. Check it out:
Help Me Howard's Blog

So... I am crossing fingers that yet another miracle happens in our lives! Because yes, bad things have happened to us, but the miracles are daily.

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