Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Turtle Tuck

This is the turtle that I got as a birthday gift. I named him Turtle Tuck, in honor of Tuck from the Wonder Pets. It is very small, just two inches long.

It has a long neck! Most of the time it entertains himself taking his head inside the shelf, then outside, then inside. He's so funny!

He may be small but don't be fooled by its size! It has razor sharp nails! I felt him running in my hand and I definitively didn't like that. Too cold, wet and sharp for me. I rather watch him while he's inside his home.

Daddy says that Tuck can grow up to 11 inches if given appropriate habitat, food and love. I hope I get to watch him grow. It would be nice to get him a bigger place... I'm making plans to do so. He's a handsome turtle!

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