Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Oh, Dear! My life has turned from mild adventure to a very hectic ride! Two weeks have passed since my latest posting, almost in the blink of an eye! Almost no time to waste! What has been going on? Hmmm, let’s see… During the week of the 14th… I had a medical appointment on Monday. After making all arrangements, the appointment was cancelled as the transportation put many excuses at the last minute… Insane! I was already dressed up! I had wakened up early! Sheesh! 45 minutes after the doctor’s date they called cancelling… So… I missed that appointment, and we all breathed in-breathed out before trying to figure out… what now… That day the doctor’s appointment was changed for next week. How nice… For the next couple of days Mommy was in a big hassle filing papers and scanning her school documents. The AIO answered a yes, so Mommy began a class within their diploma offering (that should take up to a year, but she says she will be able to be at home with me and work after she gets it… Let’s see if that idea works out… I tell you, Mommy is getting desperate in her job hunt!).THURSDAY 17: I AM 11 MONTHS OLD!!!! Yup, I just turned 11 months old! Imagine that! I am so happy! Just one more months for my BIG 1st YEAR!!!! I hear something is up, Mommy and Daddy are planning something… and Godmother and Godfather are also being secretive… Hmmm… Mommy did a strange photo session in which my diva status increased! And so the Siren’s Story came to life… Consider this a spoiler of what is to come in 4 weeks… I think I can get used to this...

Daddyslave figured out the right transportation company for me, plus attended the WIC appointment on time. The weekend arrived and Mommy was sick… again… We prepared psychologically for the next doctor’s appointment… transportation is a big hassle when you are a special needs baby!SATURDAY 19: THE DEAD MOUSE WITHIN THE WALL part 1 The horror! As Mommy walked into my room she knew something was wrong. Opening my closet revealed an ugly stench that sent her to the bathroom. So, Daddy had to take me out of my room, take out my crib and toys and everything that was inside the closet… A mouse had died within the walls of the closet, so it could not be taken out… And it was rotting! Awful! Appalling! Mommy was so disgusted and angry about it! Me, well… It was fun to watch the whole scenes that took place. My room was banned for the rest of the week, and the storage/computer room was habilitated so I could use it… Now there are no secrets held from me! Buahahaha! I know all the passwords and sites… Mommy is such a nerd! And daddy is such a Gamer! SUNDAY 20: THE DEAD MOUSE WITHIN THE WALL Part 2 Oh DEAR!!! The stench is still there to remind us!!! My room is OFF LIMITS! The good thing has been my sharing so much time with Daddy in the Computer Rom. The bad thing is we are all crammed up into this ipsy-bitsy space… And the whole place is a mess. Mommy is psycho about it, of all times this next week is very important for me! I will finally get my nurses, and there will be a special therapist reunion on Tuesday. MONDAY 21: DOCTORS APPOINTMENT Monday arrived. We all woke up early, and prepared for the transportation to arrive… We got a call and we feared the worst… but no, they were not cancelling. Transportation had an emergency and will run late… so we waited for them. Good, for a moment I thought I got all dressed up (again) and nowhere to go (again). We arrived at the doctor’s office,I got checked and attacked by vampires… The doctor wants to run a test to see if I can stop the Iron intake. Hey, what about my superpowers? Sheesh… At least we were back at home before 1pm. Everything went well, and I will get a Nutricionist date… Seems that my food habits will soon be addressed... What’s so wrong with my diet? Well, I’m 32 inches long, and weight 27 pounds with 4.4 ounces. They say I’m fat. Can you believe that? FAT! Me, a diva! Now I have to go into a diet, and I even heard Mommy uttering something about a secret formula that our secret society sponsors… The AAdiet… Whatever that means… Somehow I don’t think it has to do with the airline… TUESDAY 22: SO MUCH PEOPLE,SO LITTLE SPACE! Yup, there was an overload of people coming into the house to see me! First, the therapists were gonna gather to bring some cool pictures of my toys and show Mommy and Daddy how to improve my communication skills. As Tracy and Pat and Ellen arrived, the people from the caregiving service arrived too! So I met Irma, and Iman, and two others plus Ruth and Ericka! Oh, my!!! It was so overwhelming!
So… First I focused on my therapies. Hey, that’s very VERY important! Tracy gave a one hour speech and demonstration on how I should be treated so everyone learns my language! Good! About time someone scold everyone about it! I communicate, and it is so frustrating that everyone takes my “grunts”for granted. Yes, granted, I complain all the time… But I do talk too! Hmph! Tracy brought me goodies in a bag, but Mommy took everything away without me being able to see things… Sheesh… All work, no play…
Later on, it was the care-giving agency people’s turn. They met me and asked things and praised my beauty, of course. I had met Ruth in the morning, but had no idea of all the important things she would do for me! So… after they all were gone, I spent some time getting to know Ruth’s rules. I better behave! In the afternoon Ericka arrived to officially begin her shift. She entertains me a lot. Yup, she has been the first one to actually sit down and talk to me. Mommyslave, Daddyslave, learn!
WEDNESDAY 23:FIRST BATCH, THE OFFICIAL 1st DAY! Mommy and Daddy were really tired from last day, but got up early to show Ruth around my stuff once more… Remember, not in my room… so everything is misplaced… (A good opportunity for magic tricks). The day went on, Daddy tried to find information about Section 8 but nothing so far… Yes, we need a plan to keep our roof since it seems that getting a job is hard these days… Mommy and Daddy are going insane looking for a job! They worry so much about everything, especially me… I have to remind them all the time that they must not fear, we are in God’s hands. He never fails. THURSDAY 24: COPING WITH TRAFFIC The new routine is very amusing to me. I get to see new faces, and I love that. But Mommy and Daddy are not thrilled about it. The good thing is that we all can interact with more people, but having people in your house for 16 hours a day all 7 days a week is a bit… unnerving? I am used to being a public figure, being famous and all, but I think they are not too happy with the lack of privacy. Daddy is cracking… Mommy reminds him that things could be worse… Besides, right now the help may seem useless as they do everything and like doing so… but when one starts working then things will get tight. I remind them, picture the future and bear with it. I know, you love servicing me, duh, you are my personal slaves, but even slaves need free time for themselves! So I am convincing Mommy and Daddy that yes, the traffic of people in the house is high but… a needful thing. Trust me!
FRIDAY 25: THE SECOND BATCH Today I met my other two caregivers: Sheila and Ruby. My morning caregiver arrived, and Daddy showed her around. She will be covering weekends too. As everything was not in its right place things seemed difficult at first as everything being clean is not evident at first glance… especially in the computer room. Come on, people, give Mommy and Daddy a break! This is not my room (thank God). The stench in my room had almost vanished, and so plans for my return to my kingdom began to unfold. Some of my items were put back in my room, but I had a last stay in the computer room… The afternoon caregiver gave Daddy a lift to the grocery store, so I am happy my minions can now have a variety of food for the next two weeks… Hearing Mommy complaining about pasta all the time ain’t fun!SATURDAY 26:CLEANUP FRENZY Mommy cleaned up my room’s windows and walls, and mopped the rug. Yup, you read right (I think she’s loosing her marbles, but don’t tell her anything!). And finally my crib and my respiratory equipment were placed back where they belong… I am so happy to be back in my place! Oh, yes, I slept like a baby! SUNDAY 27: MORE CLEANING!? I was awakened with weird humming sounds! Mommy kept on her cleaning spree taking advantage of the lent vacuum cleaner, and cleaned up the complete apartment. It was funny watching everything going on. I wanted to rest, and so I went to my room earlier than usual. I slept soundly throughout the night… Nothing beats being in your own room! MONDAY 28: CHOICES,CHOICES Daddy and Mommy decided that having so many services during the week, and then the weekend, was too much. So, they plan to get the weekends free so we can have our own “private time”. So much people coming in and out was driving them insane… They need a break. I understand. Sometimes I need a break too. It’s not easy being a Diva! I was really happy during the whole day and it showed. Mommy was not feeling so good and had to retreat to rest… a lot. Me, I bonded with Daddy and my caregivers. Yup, I really felt like being a social butterfly, being chatty and all. During the afternoon my OT passed by and we had a very interesting conversation. It’s about time someone learned my language! Sheesh! Communication gaps can be dangerous! Imagine wanting Ariel and getting Hercules! Ewww!
Oh, I was a bit of a sleepyhead, but woke up in time to receive one of my PT. She had brought a nephew so he could asses what an PT/OT does with special kids like me. Gotta LOVE the attention! Yeah! This is how things should be! It’s all about ME! So… I did my exercises, showed off my muscles, and laughed a lot. During the afternoon, SURPRISE! I got a big, HUGE box that the UPS guy had trouble handling through the stairs. One of the other families sent a special stroller so I can be more mobile more easily! That is so cool, and so exciting! I just hope I don’t outgrow it too fast… Lately Mommy calls me her little monster since I’ve grown so much! And so, finally Mommyslave had time to take dictation from me and write all this. I usually keep her under my leash, but I figured she needed the break… between her class and being sick all the time she has been in deep need of TLC. And that’s what I’m here for, besides being bossy! Hey, dictators have feelings too! And so a new recount of my daily adventures ends… but don’t you dismay! I’ll be back sooner than you expect! THE COUNTDOWN BEGINS!!! In 20 days, I’ll be 1 year old!!!! Has God blessed me or what!!!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Diva and her Wagon!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Last Wednesday my therapists brought me a gift from a group of kids that heard about me. As a special project, their teacher asked if they could raise enough money to get me a wagon! Wow! And guess what? I've got a big brand new red wagon, big tires so I can rock'n roll in all terrains! That's the most awesome thing that has happened to me since getting off the hospital! It's so cool being able to actually see the complete apartment in detail! Can you imagine? I just found out that Nemo was hanging out next to my bedroom door! And I just noticed Tinkerbell, flying near the window! It wasn't just Ariel and me, a whole bunch of my other favorites have been everywhere but I had not been able to see them, until now! It's so exciting! And now mommy can take me everywhere without needing help with the oxymeter and the suction machine. And I am at a comfortable height so she can read to me, side by side! Oh, and it's comfy too! Mommy put that fleece that the FSMA sent me over two pillows and it's just perfect for me. I can do everything being comfy and relaxed. This is the life! I've been stretching and doing my exercises. Soon someone will come to measure my feet... I've grown so much my foot splints don't fit anymore! And I also know that they are scheming something about a chair, stroller... something... I don't understand well, as they go away into the infamous computer room to discuss things so I will get big surprises... Oh, well... I don't like being kept in the dark, but surprises are FUN. And as long as I get fun, everything is sweeeeeeeeeet!Daddy is trying out a new job, and Mommy is scheming something around her talents... In the meantime, my minions serve me well, and I get all their love and attention. Oh, the things they do for me!
I am so lucky to have just the right amount of people who love me so much! God blesses me each day, filling my life with happiness, peace and love! I pray others are as happy as I am. And I pray I can always be like this, courage in my heart and a smile in my lips! Now, to sleep...


Monday, July 7, 2008

VOGUE on the 4th of July

You can learn a lot of things from flowers... so Mommy had the bright idea of dressing me up in two of my favorite go out dresses (since I don't go out) before they are too small for me... What follows is my ANTM rehearsal!

Eeeeck! Pirate attacking me!!! I guess another model was jealous.

All I want for Xmas is my 2 front teeth!

This is one of my favorite movies.

Yup, adorable but deadly! Hahaha!

This is what I call a tag team!

Oh no! A butterfly is attacking me! Noooooo!

Harasari... or simply trying to put on my dress without choking...

I know, I am ravashing!

Hey, how about brushing my hair! Sheesh! Service sucks so much lately!

All this hard work left me exhausted!