Monday, August 17, 2015


The Lion King: Remember Who You Are

This year Deedee's birthday theme is The Lion King. She loved this movie with passion, and because of it she understood very well what is the Circle of Life. She understood about life and death. And she understood the importance of being true to yourself, and that as life went on after death everyone that seems to go away lives on within us, within our hearts.

Visiting Deedee's Star

We celebrated going to Give Kids the World, checking out Deedee's star. Located in the Potted Galaxy, 563134. We will forever be grateful to the Gaynor Family, who put up a star for Deedee in their visit on 3-3-2013. In the notes she is mentioned as Sofia's sister, who passed away and did not make it to her wish trip.

It is impressive how the galaxies have grown... Our first time there the tower was new, and there were only 3 galaxies. It is all bitter-sweet... Beautiful, but bitter-sweet.

And where can you find Deedee's star? Here, of course... 

"Deedee the Diva 4 Ever"

The guardian of the castle.

Inside the magical meadow.

Celebrating Back Home

When we got home, we had a surprise for Deedee. We light up her birthday candle, and sang her birthday song! Of course we had cake!

Kali was happy to assist in her sister's place...

And she blew the candle in Deedee's name.

Deedee's godfather was also here with us.

And here we are, our little family.

May there always be an angel watching over all of us.

May that angel always be you.

Our Diva, our Sunshine, our inspiration....
Happy 8th birthday, big girl!
May all your wishes come true.
May your days be filled with happiness and joy.
May you live in blessings and walk in beauty always.

I love you.
We love you.
Always remember...