Thursday, November 26, 2009


After my trip to the Zoo I was quite beat. I used the rest of the week to catch my breath and rest. Last week I saw so many people! On Monday the new speech therapist Jamie and my old friend Tracy passed by for an assessment. Jamie got the complete recap about who I am and how is it that I’ve beat the odds so far. It was a happy evening! On Tuesday 17 I went to take a hearing test. My pediatrician wanted to make sure that I hear well… and well… I do. The trip was quick and uneventful. On Wednesday 18 there was an overload of people coming into the house. Well, mostly to see Mommy, but still… I haven’t see so many people since Thanksgiving two years ago!

On Thursday19, PT Ellen and OTMaya passed by for a brisk session. RTPeter passed by as well, with a newbie that was in training. They changed one of my ventilators and took the bad small battery backup for replacement. Finally, in the late afternoon, we got a gift basket from CPNJ, a whole Thanksgiving meal in-two-bags. Now, cooking that turkey with just a microwave will be an interesting task… Let’s see how creative can Mommy and Daddy get. On Friday 20, DTPat visited for a session of colors and shapes.. Yup, last week there was something going on every day!

During the weekend things were slowly brewing. On Sunday we heard some sounds outside and turned out that two people who were just walking by got shot! That was scary! Mommy was all nerves. On Monday, NurseMashaela could not come at all as she spent the day in the hospital thanks to an accident she had at home! I was so worried about her! I missed her so much, she is so silly… I get on her nerves sometimes, but hey… it’s just me being divalicious! She knows I love her so, and I hope she gets well soon. Not being able to breathe well is NOT funny (and believe me, I know about lung problems)!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I expect the big dress-up, pictures and food day to be great! I heard that the turkey got bathed in vinegar, and seasoned to Mommy’s taste. NursePeronnette will take care of baking it (thank God!). That one is spoiling us rotten with donuts and cheesecake! Well… mostly Mommy and Daddy, I get spoiled feeds and excellent spa baths!

On Friday I’ll get my second Flu shot along with the Synagis. And I better rest well this weekend as next week there is a kick start with the long voyage to Helen Hayes on Monday, and then to see some whales sometime during the week (if all my nurses get well). The adventures never stop… For being a quiet simple little girl I always have so many things going on around me! I live drama!
And that’s exactly how it all happened… Pretty much.

GOD: Thank You for all the blessings that I receive every single day. Thank You for taking care of me, and bringing close to me people that cares so much! Thank You for giving me more than I need, for allowing me to stay healthy and come back really fast from scary moments. Thank You for Mommy and Daddy, and my Grannies and GreatGranny, and Godparents and Nurses, and Therapists and Friends! Allow me to be an instrument of your peace, allow me to bring to the world testimony of the big miracles You do every day. Guide my life, keep me in Your hands. I ask You to take care of so many that are sick! Grant Your healing touch so many stop suffering. May Your LOVE fill every heart of whoever needs someone... Protect the homeless, protect so many kids that are abandoned, and so many who are hungry… I pray to You for all who need You, and for all who need to get to know You… May the world discover that love is the way, and You are love.


Thursday, November 12, 2009


So, after a some fairly quick planning, we all went to the Turtle Back in NJ. It's been 2 years since we got here, and all of our outings have been medical issues, doctors appointments and hospital stays. Before Winter arrives, we put our minds to do something different, and with the help of our star supporting cast, we made it! At first I had no idea of what was going on... I just knew that Mommy and Daddy were sneaky, and that on Tuesday morning I got all dressed up... and then Daddy put a strange thinguie on me. Everyone started saying I was bunyee jumping... very funny, people! And then I was squished in the back seat of a SUV... And I mean squished! All these pillows around me were very squishy! We arrived to the Zoo in just 10 minutes, and it took a bit to figure out how to put all my gear in the wheelchair... Yup, space IS the final frontier... I have too much stuff... Thank goodness I have a strong entourage! Daddy had the task of pushing me all the way... Someone will be developing muscles soon!

Here's the front of the place. Pretty straight-forward. But inside it is a whole new world. Bushes are trimmed with animal shapes, the landscaping is perfect, the animal cages are huge, and the peacocks roam free... Mommy was wary of the peacocks... she was attacked by one back in her hometown zoo and she still has some years to recuperate from the emotional scars...

There were a few birds in display... big humongous birds! Here we see a vulture, black neck swans and parrots... but there were also the huge american eagle, crows, owl, and the big ones that are called emu. Mommy's camera was feeling funky, so she could not snap everything... but you get the idea. Me, I did some catnaps through the birds visits. You know me, if it is not too exciting, I wander away. I love danger!

And talking about danger... The white wolves were AMAZING! They are HUGE! Watching them through the glass was quite an experience! I never imagined they would be so big... and these were young... After watching them we saw a big black bear. And then we took a small break at the carrousel and snack area. Between donuts, fried chicken and egg salad it was all a great treat! Of course I joined in with my special milk, I was not gonna stay hungry!

These felines were sleeping when we got there, but both woke up staring at me, and started going back and forward all the time staring at me... Their eyes were very focused... It was quite a scary feeling. Now I know how turkeys must feel before Thanksgiving day... Mommy got nice shots of them thanks to their keen interest on the diva... Gee, thanks Mom!

In the Outback area there were some interesting horses, from big Dante (a huge warhouse who was not as huge as they can be but still was pretty impressive to us) to the pony in the picture. And there was a variety of llamas... and a bull that was emasculated and Mommy thought it was just a huge burly manly cow... LOL

Here is a rare snapshot of just the three of us! Do I make my parents look good or what? At our side is a pesky peacock that kept following us everywhere. Obviously male, seems Daddy has something to worry about... :P

And so the day got to its end. We visited the reptile area, saw some cool snakes and frogs... Mom was startled by the wounded-heart pigeons as they really look like they have a gorish wound in their throats... The zoo store had some neat plushed animals, especially peacocks. LOL And someone in our entourage got me a lovely picture frame so I will remember my first fun trip for years to come! It was a great day filled with suspense, drama, happiness, freedom, comic relief, and much hope. I can't wait to have another adventure soon! God definitively watches over me, and I can never thank Him enough for all the gifts He brings me!


Sunday, November 1, 2009


And so one of our favorite days of the year arrived. This time we reminisce of Wonderland. Enjoy the little scrapbook of our Halloween 2009!