Thursday, November 9, 2017


Sadly, it has been over a month since Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. Communication with family was non-existent for 3 weeks. Thanks to a friend we learned all were well, and we finally got to exchange a few words. Our family is from the Western side of the isle, from Mayaguez. News did not really covered the rest of the area, just Area Metro, mainly because they could not reach any place because of blocked areas, flooded areas, landslides and the like.

The good news is that both my mother's home and my great-aunt's home were not badly damaged. So that was good. My great-aunt got water around 3 weeks after the hurricane, and light around 2 weeks ago. So far they have food and the basics. The rest of the island have not been that lucky. I have been deeply worried as my mother has cancer and has not been able to get her treatments... she's 75. My great-aunt needs constant supervision just to make sure she is fine and doing the basics, she is 94.

The hurricane highlighted the facts that I am far to help, and they need help... We cannot move to Puerto Rico because our life is where our immediate family is right now... My sister lives in Ohio with her husband and 3 kids. I live in Florida with my husband and 1 kid. We are trapped as there is no money to just travel to make sure things are ok... or take of business... Money is always a big factor that molds our lives into following the rat race and ties us up from doing what we want to do... simply because we don't have the means... Heck, we need help and we can't get it. Adding Hurricane Maria to our stress list, making it to the top of that list, has made life unbearable. There is no worse feeling than being powerless... not being able to do what your heart wants to do...

All in all, I wonder how things are doing in Deedee's resting place. Water must have got in... The beautiful flowers that our friend left there must be gone, everything cleared. It saddens me that I cannot just go there to reminisce while being close to what was... But then again, everything about the hurricane's aftermath is completely saddening.

There is hope for a new beginning in the isle. I have faith on that. I do not doubt nature will make the island beautiful again. What I doubt is the people... There is a big division that now is very noticeable... the good and the really bad. I keep faith that the good will prevail and the bad will get what they deserve.

November is here, daddy Mark's birthday was 2 days ago... Kali wants a necklace with Deedee's face... Our little family keeps running as the little train that could... Making things happen is becoming a big challenge... but we never give up.