Friday, April 29, 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011


I prepared some pots so I could plant some seeds. I got to touch the dirt, pour the dirt, touch a worm, throw the seeds inside... Did I mentioned touching the worm? Actually now I have three worms in my big pot! All alive! They are my new pets! Here are two videos Mommy shot on Day 1 of the project! Enjoy!


Here I prepared crystal-clear small pots and planted cosmos and dessert rose seeds. Now I have beans, corn, and these two. Who will sprout first? Will the A/C stop the project? Will there be enough sunlight for the seeds to grow? Ok, the answers to these questions will come in later weeks, but down here is the process of more seed planting. Hey, Mommy used to plant stuff all the time when she was a kid. I gotta show her I can, too!



April came in with happy days. Mommy just celebrated her birthday, and I gave her flowers that I did myself. I know her favorite must have been the purple-orange one... well, at least it is mine! These past days I've been really busy, my school stuff has been all about seeds and planting trees... I started a project planting some seeds to see if they grow. I'll show you later on, Mommy made videos of my two days getting my hands dirty!

I've also been busy getting the hang of my Tobii. I just like to pull some tabs, especially at some therapists... I am suppossed to do these simple boring tasks they want me to do to make sure they get that I use everything well... Well, I admit it, I have been a pain about it. It just bothers me a lot that they don't get that I get it, that I already understand what to do, that I am just not interested. I know, I'm working on my "people skills"... Hey, I am called "the diva" for a reason! I am not good at faking, and I am as sincere as it gets...

Ok, so I'll try to behave. The Golden Rule is sticking to me after all... And I know that God wants me to be happy and to do good. I'll keep on trying to be patient, and doing my best to do unto others as I want them to do to me... A simple rule is so hard!

Mommy got me some new books, so I should experience diverse mind stimulation on the next weeks... some story-wise, and some art-wise. With this and my school work I should have more fun!

So far I have been healthy, and I knock on wood when I say it... So many kids are so sick! The end of Winter was harsh, and Spring seems to be hiding away... I pray all the time for all my friends, so they get better soon.

I've had no appointments, and actually I have none scheduled... I think Mommy mentioned something about getting the annual checkup with Dr.Bach, so maybe that will be my next appointment. Mommy and Daddy are still debating some things and they want to get the expert opinion about it.

So... so far so good. I look forward for more adventures and less drama (yes, I really don't like drama, it makes things go backwards). This next week is Aunt Edny's birthday, and a dear friend's birthday (that's you Vangie!),so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to two awesome gals! Wow, I am surrounded by sheep... goats... oh, whatever...

GOD: Keep me and my family and my friends in Your hands. Let us understand the true meaning of this special time of the year when we celebrate how you died for our sins and came back bringing hope and salvation! Protect us, and make us all an instrument of your peace. Amen.