Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Shining Bright Above Us All

Our Dearest Star,

We decided to let your light guide our path towards a horizon were we can be the family that you always knew, a family united against all odds and who lived in wings of love. We've been through big storms, none compared to not having you with us... but big enough to try our faith in happiness and in having hope... We look into your eyes and we see how you made everything possible. How can we not try to do just that? And so, with you inspiring us to reach out for our dreams and give it all we've got now we embraced another journey.

We left behind Puerto Rico as we search for inner peace. Our family will always be a family of four: Mommy, Daddy, Kali & Deedee. It doesn't matter if we can't see you, we can feel you. You always walk with us. We tried bringing what we knew to our families in the island... We don't really know if our message was internalized, but we leave hoping that somehow respect, truth, faith, and love are restored and renewed into everyone's hearts. It is what our diva taught us... It is our lifestyle. We can only hope that somehow the people that we love learn that fact...

Our small family lives without drama and without the cares of what now we can call the "normal" people... We will never be normal, or fit in. And that is fine. We have very different priorities, being together and sharing all lessons we have learned can be difficult when harmony is disrupted by fear or hate or ignorance. Better move on that allow what makes us special to be tarnished. And so... a new adventure begins.

As long as we are together, home is where the heart is. Our hearts are with you, so as long as you are walking with us we will always be at home... Just the four of us, facing the world's biggest challenges, taming the biggest dragons, exploring new worlds...

We love you so much, Dee... We will keep on making our own destiny, living what we preach... You know the truth, you know our hearts... We hope to make you smile every day that is ahead of us... We hope to make you proud.

Changes are good... no matter how hard and difficult. Changes bring growth... lessons... Changes sculpt our souls... May changes sculpt us all into a masterpiece in which you can bask your eyes... May your wings tickle us often. Keep on shining bright above us, being the sentient light that guides us through the shadows. You have the most important duty in our family, love... Keep on making us proud.