Sunday, February 7, 2010


And so the month of love and friendship arrived! Awww… Which have been the highlights so far? Well… Let’s see… Mommy and Daddy celebrated their 3rd Anniversary on February 3! Three years and counting! It’s been fun, this is their leather anniversary! It’s all going so fast that when they least expect it they’ll be celebrating their Silver Anniversary! So, big hugs and big kisses to Mommy & Daddy! May we always be together, through thick and thin!

Me, I’ve been chillin’ in my room, in the living room and in the computer. The splint guy brought me the leg support that I needed, as well as some hand splints that makes me ready for action! Do I look like I’m going boxing, or what? These are so cool! If it were for me, I’ll wear them all the time.

All the fuss now is about me making choices and selections. Everyone is drilling me with the flash cards, and the selection boards, and more cards… It can be interesting for the first five minutes, but gets really annoying after half an hour. One thing I don’t get enough of are books. I just love the books about the sea and about animals. Nothing beats that. Yes I do like my princesses and my fairies, but there is nothing like watching a pop-up bee almost flying towards me. I just love the 3D experience!

Mommy and Daddy are also showing me some good stuff in the computer. Since we no longer have Noggin TV, I get to watch the videos and some of the shows at Nick Jr’s site. It’s a delight to watch Moose-A-Moose again. I really like him, and his friend Zee!The multi-cultural and multi-language drilling also keeps going… Now it’s all about Kailan (and don’t get me wrong, I love Kailan… but why people don’t get that there is nothing as awesome as the Wonder Pets?!)… So I’m learning the basic colors and some basic numbers in Chinese… Do I get a golden star in my forehead? Mommy has also let me watch some Dora even if she dislikes her… I guess she figured that besides her and Daddy no one else is gonna teach me Spanish here, so Dora will have to do. And she has seen that I enjoy Dora as much as Kailan, so… Spanish, Chinese, English… Oh, and the whispers of Korean that I recall from my months in Mommy’s belly… They don’t call me over-stimulated baby for nothing!

On the serius stuff, I’m still waiting to get paperwork and the green light to finally get my communication device. It’s taking too long to get answers… I also need to explore some options with a movement sensor, the clicker works only sometimes and I get VERY frustrated. The wheelchair and stander keep being not perfect and not appropriate for me… We’ve all tried dealing with them, but the fact that they are not the right items for me doesn’t change… I foresee more drama about it in my future. Mommy is also gathering as much information as she can about stem cells treatment and the US advances about it, so far all roads lead to that as the ultimate treatment for me. We are all hoping that my new sibling will help me achieve treatment… aw, the youngest and the one with such a big responsibility! And he/she’s not even born! :P

So… God has been VERY good to me. It’s almost a year since the last time I was very sick, and I’m truly grateful for that. He has given me the chance to share time and life with my family, to celebrate my small big accomplishments and to smile. I am happy, I am surrounded by love… And I have been blessed with the ability to share my happiness and love with everyone that touches my life one way or the other. Hope achieves the impossible.

Last week some friends lost their battle against SMA, earning their wings. I pray for the families of these kids, so they have serenity and courage, and so they feel at peace knowing that their miracles were here on Earth just the right amount of time to change their lives forever. I also pray that so many sick kids can finally heal, and that treatment for SMA becomes a reality soon. GOD: Keep our lives in Your hands, protect us, guide us, and send all Your blessings to all Your children. Amen.