Friday, December 30, 2011

In The Hospital

Since I've been sick for 10 days and the antibiotic that my doctor prescribed didn't make me better, Daddy took me to the emergency room today. There they took X-ray, blood samples and sputum sample,and the outcome was that my left lung has something. It was not clear if it is a ball of mucus in the lower part, or if I had atelestasia in there (partial lung collapse). So, without much thought, I was admitted to PICU.

I am at UMDNJ Hospital as usual, Level G room 416 (well, it has been more than 2 years since my last visit but the doctors and most staff are the same... even got same room). I guess this year's end will take place in the big hotel... I hope that I can be home soon. I don't like being separated from all my family... I'm even missing my little sis Kali... May this lung heal so I can get back on track with my normal life!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Night Before Christmas

Merry Christmas!

This has been quite a week! I have been sick since last Monday, so Mommy and Daddy have been running the house like a hospital. Daddy has been staying up all night at my side, making sure that I get my medicines and nebulizing me and doing CPT and coughs as necessary. It was rough... I almost made it to the hospital... But, prayers and diligence did the trick, and I really thank God for allowing me to spend another Christmas at home with my beloved family. I am still under antibiotics, and getting my respiratory therapy and care as needed, but it is not as bad as I have been before (knock on wood). On Friday morning I had a visit from the Tooth Fairy! I lost my tooth, literally... but she accepted the card I made! There is always a silver lining in dark clouds.

The night before Christmas was filled with diligent vigilance from Daddy. My new friends from the nearby church visited me and made my night special. I also watched Santa's video, where he made sure to let me know he was going to visit me. I wanted to see him again, but I fall asleep... I guess the Aquarium memory will do (along with his video email!). I am just glad I made it to the good list.

So... The big day arrived. After my mandatory routine, and getting all glammed up, Daddy took me to the living room so I could see myself what went on. Wow! I could not believe my eyes! Santa brought many gifts, sent by so many people who love me so much! Here is a picture of me under the Christmas tree...
I was so overwhelmed! I did not expect so much!

So you can guess that we all had a very special day. My sister Kali had a blast, and Mommy and Daddy fussed with us until we fell asleep... What a day! But don't just take my word for it, check out the pictures. Enjoy!

Staring at the camera just to make Mommy happy
My sister Kali ready for Christmas (and for opening gifts!)

Mommy prepared this yummy ham! I only tasted the syrup, but Daddy was very happy with it!

A Flying Froggy game to play with Mom & Dad!
Shape thinguies to cut play doug and real dough!

Wonder Pets! And a Squinkies video game! From Kat & Kev
Divalicious hair stuff from Auntie Edni!

And nail stuff to match all my outfits!
A movie "Field Trip to the Planets". I foresee some planetary action in my future...

Animal Crafts from OT Roze!
Giggly Kailan! This on is bigger than my old Kailan! I really love that she is wearing purple (my favorite color!)

Crayola Princesses Coloring pad, from OT Gail!
Hugging Cow from Nurse Marie! This is perfect for my wheelchair (so my hands are comfy and in place)
There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly! Pop-up book. I love this story, it's so silly!
T'was the Night Before Xmas! This is a gorgeous Pop-up book!
Wide-mouthed Frog pop-up book!
Clothing from my Auntie Edni

Pocahontas arts & crafts, from my OT Roze!

Clothing from Granny & Great Granny


From my Godfather Steve, Singing Rapunzel! Awesome!
Playing my singing Rapunzel! I can do this on my own, LOVE it!
Singing Mulan! Now THIS was absolutely AWESOME! Mulan is my favorite princess, along with Pocahontas.

Singing Pocahontas! I am floored!
Me & Mommy

With my family
Looking Gorgeous!

Sleeping after my dolls were placed at my side

Squinkies stuff

Surrounded by my stuff...

And more stuff...

And more stuff

My sister sleeping with her favorite people

And so a perfect Christmas Day ends... And I am so grateful for so many things that I received, in special the big blessing of being loved, and being here. So many people take for granted every breath they take here in Earth... I don't. And I know that my family don't. And I am glad that everyone that cares for me don't. I am very lucky to feel love every second, to witness love every time I blink. God has been good to me, giving me a family that is so special and with whom I know I can soar. Baby Jesus is born among us every year, and we celebrate Him as He is the Greatest Miracle of All, the greatest gift of Love.

Thank you for my family, for they are always there when I need them and they are always there to be silly with me and patient with me as well... I know I m not easy, I try to get a hold on my tantrums and I always want to get things my way... I am really trying to be better... I know everyone around me love me and want the best for me. Thank you for keeping the right people around me. Thank you for a loving home, and for taking care of all my needs. Thank you for carrying me through the hard times, for sending your angels to help me when I am ill or in need of good advise... Thank you for so many blessings, especially the gift of life. May I be able to express my love for You so You are proud of me. Make of me an instrument of Your peace and of Your will. May I touch lives and change them forever, in Your name. May I live for You, forever.

I only have one special request. May all who need You find You, and may they find not what they want but what they need. I know You always have a big plan... bigger than anything we can understand... a perfect plan. I trust You. Carry all of us in your hands... And forgive all our silliness... Amen.

Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Friday, December 16, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Meeting Scuba Santa at the Acuarium!

On Tuesday, we made it to the Adventure Aquarium at Camden, and we all had a blast! Since I would not have class on Tuesday, we made the perfect comeback after two years! And the bonus was that I got to meet Santa! Can you believe this? That was awesome! He was scuba diving with an elf in the shark tank! Talk about being a daredevil! This is a day I will never forget! Here is the pictography, so you all can share my day! Enjoy!

Entering the coral reef

Life beneath a "mangle" (how much I miss home...)

Tropical fishies

Animals in the mangrove

Shark maws

School of fishies

Another coral reef shot

Willie the Alligator (16 feet long, 550 pounds)

Me touching a starfish

Me and Daddy

Santa saying hi to us!

Santa and Elf scuba diving

Kali enjoys the show

The shark tank theater

Santa's chair

With Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (who happens to be very polite!)


Two troublesome hippos

Kali loved the hippo's fishies

The sea is an immense dessert where man is never alone

Kali stalking more fishies


Mommy and Kali in awe

Shark ate Kali and Daddy...

Family at the shark tunnel

Daddy enjoying the sharks

Friendly sharks crossing

Kali ate food...

Me with Mommy while eating my lunch

Kali is done... Time to go home.

It was cold... But what a beautiful day!

Nurse Mashaelia smiling and ready to suction!

Philly in the back

Me, traveling in style! And more wrapped than a burrito!