Sunday, March 27, 2011


I asked to go out to our porch. Well, we don't really have a porch, but the community building has a small gathering place in the center of it (it is a u-shaped building). So, I got all geared up and off I went! Daddy took me around facing the chilly wind and the odds! We couldn't stay outside for long as temperature started to drop a bit, so we picked the mail and went back home. A small step for me, but a big steps towards getting out of the house to get a tan!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March of Success

The year keeps running... This month I finally got to actually play with my new communication device. Mommy made changes to the screens and now I can do more stuff. Love it! She is still working on some pages for school, but basics already covered are just fine. Communication, internet access, learning tools... I am in 7th heaven now! Using my new proximity switch and exploring the infrared controls (still have to get the hang of it).

My homeschooling sessions have been beyond awesome! We have done many crafts, and I'm bugging Mommy so she posts some pics of what I have done. Granted, the Valentine Freaky Guy was... freaky... But I have done much more! Like last week. We discussed moods, and created the Mood Fruits couple. Here's a glimpse at my fruity creations!

Sadly they will soon have to go... I can't have rotten projects around my respiratory stuff. So, besides this, I have been coloring calendars, images, the letters of the alphabet... you name it. I have been quite busy!

Therapies keep on improving. The good have become outstanding, and the not so good are getting a gold star for trying hard to get better. I acknowledge that I can be a bit difficult and so I have been working on being more patient and applying the Golden Rule. Feels good to try hard to be my best, and people have noticed. My diva outbursts are under anger management.

Life has been good. And I know things will get even better. I am surrounded by love and caring, and even my little bother is ok in her own way (baby Kali). God has blessed me, and keeps on blessing me. I have no complaints, and I have no wants. As a Spanish song goes "Nada me falta, nada me sobra". I have everything in just the right amount, not too little and not too much... which translates to a sweet just right!

GOD: First of all thank You for everything You grant me, for the chances to live, for the love that is all around me! I pray this time that You bring comfort and blessings to the people of Japan who are suffering so much without shelter and food. Being cold is no fun... and the uncertainty of what will or can happen can be too much... God, help them keep courage and their spirits high. Grant them strength and serenity. Bring miracles into their life so they are renewed. Everything has a purpose, and through hardship we humans develop character and illumination. Let us all learn that the Golden Rule is all that it takes to make the world work for all of us. In You I trust, I am in your hands. So I put everyone that I know and that I don't know in You hands as well. Amen.