Monday, January 27, 2014

15 Months

A new year crawled in, baby girl, and it seems that you are really reaching out orchestrating so many things! All of them featuring a piece of you, a dream of you... you in all your glory.

How not to feel you or hear you or deceive senses and reality... when it is the thought of you that inspires and guides us! You came into our lives becoming our main delight, our main cause, our main joy. How not to feel you being one with the air that we breathe, fluttering with insistence over us as your impatience takes over whenever we think we may do something... or not...

You know how keeping pace with your sister goes... Of course you do... much better than us. We know you look over your sister as a watchdog. You know she can get so easily in trouble...She keeps you quite busy night and day... And you wouldn't have it any other way. You love her zest for life, her energy and defiance. She has the stubborn streak that you had as well... But unlike you she has limited wisdom. Then again, you were always an old soul... You knew so much at such a tender age! You wielded natural wisdom and wild curiosity, all wrapped up in playful charm. How I miss your big blue-green eyes, how you bat your thick eyelashes and how you rolled your eyes at every annoyance!

You have helped us with all your own dreams. And I trust you keep on placing those seeds in my dreams... so they grow getting a strong hold in reality and most importantly... you. Always you being a glue that holds everything together for us... with us. How we love our diva! How we love our demanding and fickle spice of life. A year and 3 months without your heartbeat...

A year and 3 moths that you stand free, invisible to our eyes but right here with us... You stand proud, you place your angel wings over us... sheltering us from complete insanity, and from the cruel world. You are a warrior that keep bringing out the best in the worst we can be. You guard our sleep and keep ever vigilant... Family always comes first.

Keep on inflaming virtue and belief in our souls. Keep on being with us through thick and thin. May we make you smile with each step we take... May we make you proud with everything we do.

Forever loving you, my sweet baby girl... Missing you always.