Thursday, December 20, 2012

Deedee's Christmas Tree

This is Deedee's Christmas tree. Of course, this is the ideal we pictured... our diva enjoying its light and its purple and bright pink decorations (her favorite colors). She loved lights everywhere, as well as razzle dazzle. She could stare for hours... and we know that her imagination wandered to far away places where everything was just perfect...

It is a very sad Christmas for us. The diva is not physically with us... At least we know that her wish of walking in perfection and being surrounded by the brightest light came true. Here on Earth we remember the sweetest candid wisdom of a little girl with an old soul... We miss her... Hoping our diva sees this, and smiles...

Our two girls... An angel diva, and a happy-go-lucky tiny terror... May the diva guard us and signal the way we are to follow... We look in the sky looking for you, little star... Shine bright!

God: Thank you for our precious gifts, for the unforgettable memories, and for the ongoing inspiration that your miracle brought into our lives. Forever changed, forever touched.

We love you Deedee!