Thursday, February 23, 2012

ActiveCycle, Figit Friend and MaW

Wow! February is almost over, and the excitement never stops! My parental units keep looking for solutions for me, and thanks to other families they came upon the ActivCycle. This little thinguie is automatic and should make my legs rotate as if I were riding a bike! All at a slower pace, of course. What should be the benefits? Basically this is almost basic training for the big gun: the MotoMed. The benefits of such a physical therapy machine are many:Greater flexibility of muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints; Improved circulation, digestion and metabolism; Reduced fluid retention, swelling and cramping; Lower blood pressure; Reduced osteoporosis; and self confidence, improve mental, health and reduce pain.  But enough with the PT lesson, on with the show!

As you can see here Daddy already put on my AFO on my left foot. My right foot is ready for the task...

 Here Daddy is finishing putting my right AFO. These are very important to help keep my feet and ankles. For those who do not know, AFOs (Ankle-Foot Orthosis) are externally applied and intended to control position and motion of the ankle, compensate for weakness, or correct deformities.They control the ankle directly, and can be designed to control the knee joint indirectly as well. AFOs can be used to support wasted limbs, or to position a limb with contracted muscles into a more normal position. They are also used to immobilize the ankle and lower leg in the presence of arthritis or fracture, and to correct foot drop.

So, after my AFOs are on, Daddy places my foot on the pedals of the Activcycle. Mommy put industrial velcro on the pedal and the AFO so my foot stays put. No slipping here! Daddy makes sure I am well stuck to the pedal and places the blue pedal strip over the AFO.

So there you have it. Both feet are well strapped, and then Daddy turns on the machine.  He monitors my hips as I have very mild displacement and must be watched closely. The school PT recommended that I begin with 5 minutes and then go up 5 minutes at a time. Sounds good to me! Here's a video of my 5 minute session. Today was Day 3. Loving riding this!

So far this has been the second main excitement of this week. Mommy and Daddy are looking for other PT options: Aquatic therapy (formal PT in the pool, something we kinda did during Summer in my apartment's inflatable pool... It is a pity that we can't keep the pool filled all year long... We need the living room for other stuff) and Hippo Therapy (therapy using specially trained horses). It is all very exciting, so I am crossing fingers so one or both of these therapies can come true!

The first excitement came in on Sunday, when Mommy finished adapting a Figit Friend for me. Godfather Steve sent me the purple Figit for Valentine's Day (codename Willa), and Mommy followed a tutorial so I could actually play with it. Next on her to-do list is a creating a pageset so my "voice" from my communication device can give  commands to Willa (I think she did a prototype, but my Tobii is on repair so I'll have to wait a bit to try that). This is so cool! Here's a video of me playing with Willa using my 2grams switch:

Ending the week of excitement, Mommy re-submitted the form for Make a Wish, so I should expect their contact soon. I'm glad Mommy did that, her first form got lost in cyberspace. I can't wait for what can come true! Gotta start thinking hard for a big wish!

GOD: Thanks for keeping me healthy, and for everything You bring me. Thanks for helping my friends, for allowing so much healing all around me! Allow me to keep on being an instrument of Your Peace and of Your Love. Always in your hands, always grateful, always believing. Amen.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Me and My Gadgets

Enjoy some videos of your favorite DIVA (yes, me of course) using tech gadgets to have fun and to communicate:

Using my spanking new 2Grams switch to play Whack-A-Mole

Using my proximity switch to play with my beloved Kai-Lan Adapted Doll

Using ALL my tech stuff!
This is way cool. I'm using my 2G switch to activate my WonderPets flyboat. I'm also using my TobiiP10 communication device to talk. Over my head, the remote control solar system spins (now I can control it with my Tobii). I can do all that while watching my favorite show. Life is good! Can you tell this was a great day?

Last, but not least, Have a small tour of my kingdom!