Wednesday, October 22, 2014


It has been two years since you earned your wings. Much has changed, not to the better. You are not with us... That little fact will forever tarnish anything that could be truly awesome. We miss you so much... We don't look for answers as there is nothing that can explain why all happened... And there's not enough words to explain how we feel... how I feel...

The show must go on, and we must carry on. Must. There is actually no true desire in that word. It is all duty, responsibilities... life. We must carry on. Let the face show a smile, let the heart and the soul be broken in pieces. It is how we live these days... Life without you is just not... liveable.

We miss every little detail about you, sweet warrior princess. We love you as strongly as the first day we got to know about you... We love you and we always will.

Know that you are missed... loved... cared for... Inspire us from Heaven. Give us guidance. Give us peace.

Not enough words, my diva... Not enough time...