Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Something different for Xmas

This year we are back in the SMA Xmas card exchange. Checking out Xmas cards it occur to me that I have some stamps I could use to make my own. 

I started collecting Gorjuss girls stamps because they remind me of Deedee. I always love them with long raven hair. I alwayssaw Deedee's demeanor in her eyes, as pictures show since her face mask often covered her mouth. Gorjuss girls have no mouth, so they reflect an emotion based on context. 

This year Deedee would have had her Quinceanero... It's bittersweet. I miss her everyday. 

I told Kali about the idea and she was very excited about it. Since I'm having eye issues, she helped with this project. 

20 families will get a little piece of our hearts this year. I hope they can appreciate the hours and the love that Deedee's sis place on them, as well as my own.

Any chance to do something to keep Deedee present in our lives is worth it. Thinking of her makes our heart smile.

Monday, October 24, 2022

10 Years

Today it is 10 years since you earned your wings. I wrote something for you, something special, but I lost it. Maybe it was just meant for you, only you to read it. So I won't repeat myself here.

It's living in Shadow without you around. But we have made the best of it, trying our best to live a live worthy of you. Because you still walk with us, gazing down from Heaving while you run and while you fly and while you walk in beauty.

A few more blinks, love, just a few more blinks. We will come home. And then forever.

In the meantime, your sister loves you. Your father loves you. And I love you. Our adventures always include you. And during the hard times, your light guides us to safety. 

Keep shining from so far, your light always touch us.

A smile. A kiss.



Thursday, August 18, 2022

15th Birthday!!!

Deirdre Medina A little girl born in a little island, in the magical historical town of San German back in 2007. Who would have known that she would use her craft to send us to a path of adventures, boldly daring and defying life in every breath she took. In the 5 years she was here on Earth she touched so many lives! Miss Deedee... Sassy, bold, smart, loved sharks and Wonderpets, and loved everyone who showed up in her life. And her memory lives on through our love. 

We celebrate you, Deedee, as the spoonfull of sugar that you were in our lives... Just like Mary Poppins you arrived under stormy winds... And you left just when the wind changed. But you left us precious lessons that changed us... You taught us how to fly a kite and why we should feed the birds. 

Love you Deedee. Always. 

Our dear quinceanera...

We walk with you in dreams. Until we meet again... Hugs and kisses, love.

Sunday, April 17, 2022


Oh my! I just came to reminisce, and realized I had not posted anything since Deedee's birthday in 2020. For the record, we did celebrate (we always do) but 2021 was quite eventful and went away in a blink. The last thing I was paying attention to was posting anything in my blogs. 


2021 was brutal. Auntie Gladys passed away in June 05, 2021 after falling in the hospital December 2020 and facing Alzeheimer... I travelled to Puerto Rico to take care of her at the hospital. Against all odds I made her well enough to be taken home. I was there until mid February, when I decided to bring her with us so I could keep on working and taking care of her. She got better and then in May she started a decline that ended in June 5th. She passed away with a smile in her face.  

During the first week of August we went to Puerto Rico to take my aunt's ashes to her tomb. 

During the last week of July I had an eye floaters attack, so I could not see well with my right eye.  So... coming back, we celebrated Deedee and I started my eye doctor journey... I had 2 laser treatments to get rid off the styes. After doing the second one in November, I got ill and the coughing created a hemorraghe that displaced my retina. So... from November I have been wearing and eye patch because I could not see with my right eye.

In January 2022 I had surgery. Weeks later, during March, I was sent to the ophtalmologist who told me the eye wont get better, if it does it will take some time...   So now I can see but cannot read because of a big distortion in my sight. Only time will tell if it will get better...

Deedee's aunt, my sister Ednita, passed away in March, because of throat/tongue cancer and Covid complications. She would have been 45 in April 13th. My own birthday was in April 8th, and quite bittersweet. But I am grateful about what I have, and the future ahead. Just... keep swimming. 

Today we celebrate Easter. Deedee used to love this date. I am glad I came here to check on her pictures. I am sorry that I have been away for a bit, but life has taken us back to the future and beyond.

Please celebrate this day in family, hold each other tight and remember that HE HAS RISEN! We keep faith in a future where we all will be together again.


Monday, August 17, 2020






Celebrating you is the sweetest task each year... And the only task that also rips my heart in pieces. 

But you know what? I love this pain because it means I love you that much. 

Living life without your sunshine is simply not the same... You are my sunshine. God had to take you away because you needed it... I know... You went through so much, good and bad... Too early you learned the disappointments of people that you love so much who say they will be around, but they don't... Too early your little heart experienced life... You lived in a world of beauty, vibrant, filled with hopes and songs... And you lived in a world of humans where obstacles were the order of the day simply because they could not go beyond the physique and its limitations... You had to go, because even if it flipped our lives in the worst way, it meant that you will no longer need a ventilator, a wheelchair, physical therapy, hospital stays, cough assist, suctions and percussion... Of course, you must miss your movies, your Wonder Pets, your Pocahontas and Mulan, your teacher Mr. farina and your nurses Mashaela, Peronette, Marie... 

You must miss the marathon of taking you to the Museum Camp on Summers, visiting sharks at the Aquarium, being greeted by giraffes at the zoo... grasping the might of dinosaurs or just the lovely starry night at a campsite in the mountains... You must miss our adventures filling up the pool in our living room so you could move like a mermaid... You must miss our road trips, wary of the wheelchair when it was kept in the back of our small car and we feared potholes... You must miss meeting Kali and having her next to you while watching your favorite cartoons... Also having her during your classes as she turned out to be a very special assistant in your at home classes... 

You must miss how we celebrated everything! there was always an excuse to dress up in costumes and let imagination run wild! There were pop-up books that brought stories to life! And exercise with your running device... And bright hair colors because your "divaliciousness" was always spot on! Yes, you must miss being with me for so many hours while I beaded and braided your hair... when you held the little beads like precious stones while I slowly went on, strand by strand... You must miss sleepovers listening to the Spanish songs about the little ship that couldn’t sail, the curtains in the room, Mambru goes to war and the cat that was drowning in a well… Everyone wonders why Spanish kid songs are so tragic!

So many things you must miss… because I know I miss doing them with you. I remember you, your dreams, your passions… You wanted to be an animation artist. You looked forward to meeting Pocahontas in Disney. You looked forward to more campouts in the mountains… and to Trunk & Treating with new friends… and to doing therapy with horses with your very special friend… and visiting the sea again, but in your homeland Puerto Rico… and being with your family, all of it. The world was at your fingertips… You would dream it and we would make the wings so you would fly. God granted you real wings.

We miss your voice, little one… your voice that no matter what we always heard. And your sister misses growing up with you… looking up to you…

I know for you it will be a blink of a wait, waiting for us to be together again… Close your eyes and make your wish, baby girl… We will soon be there forever. In the meantime… Enjoy your family in Heaven… and visit often your family on Earth… And catch the sweet kisses we blow for you every night before going to sleep.

Loving you always. Remembering you always.

Happy 13th birthday, dear Deirdre Valeria... May you watch over us and smile. We”ll be there soon enough, love. Until then, we will be, for you.

Keep shining on us!

Mommy, Daddy and Sis

Monday, August 19, 2019