Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Good stuff, hectic stuff! I’ve been a busy bee, traveling and learning and loving it! Well, for a whole month I’ve been going with my parents to Kessler for assessment and training on the Beckman Motor Oral Therapy and today was the last session. They got the information on that therapy three months ago, and were doing it daily, but wanted to be certain that they got it all right. And they definitively have! By now, mommy and daddy are experts on doing that stuff to me! I just love it. My favorite part is getting the gum massages… I fall asleep while that happens. It is so relaxing! The tongue exercises are a bit weird, but nurse gossip says that I am fighting the suction machine a bit with the tongue so it seems to be doing its magic.

Mommy’s birthday was on April 8th, and we celebrated with mofongo and cake. I got a taste of the sugary stuff, but that is not my preference… I like tastes that are more fruitier and bitter. I also got a taste of some cheesecake, but was indifferent to it… Maybe I was just too involved with the Cebú song… Yes, Mommy is happy that I have another favorite besides the Wonder Pets. Veggie Tales are getting there… I love the silly songs! Anyway, Mommy also started another studying adventure… I wonder if I’ll be such a nerd when I grow up. She seems to enjoy studying too much. Oh, well… to each its own.

On Friday I’ll have my physician appointment, hopefully the headrest issue of my wheelchair and stander will be addressed. Next week there’s a date for the education evaluation. By the end of the month I also have a PT evaluation for aqua-therapy, hopefully that will be a positive assessment.

Days have been quite busy, and this going out business is awesome but quite taxing… I can’t complain, I am definitively going places! And this is only the beginning… I am grateful for all the things God has put before me. He has made sure that I have all I need, and that true love surrounds me at all times. I am grateful for my thoughtful caregivers, friends and family. I am also very excited about becoming a big sister! I can’t wait to have the little brat around me! Hopefully she will be my bodyguard/bouncer (yes, from what I’ve heard she’s quite a kicker). Oh, I already have many plans for her… Together we’ll rule the world!